Friday, June 13, 2014

Oopsy Poops!!! Alive. Copo Del Mundo in my home Country!! Vamo la Brasil!!!

While going through a re-branding phase with this blog, I have neglected myself and anyone who reads this by not putting things up regularly so . . . . here's to the next part of our journey.

Big things!

Got some major auditions happening. Here's what I have to have done by June 18:

NBC Diversity Showcase Audition
The Pearl Theatre--2 show audition

Recently I've gone in for:

ABC Diversity Showcase
HBO Diversity Showcase (Called Back)

And am going in for today!!:

HERE Arts Interactive Financial Project.
(For this I am playing a feisty Argentinian who knows her finance work but can anyone see past her swinging hips??! #latinaproblems #stopstaringstartlistening :) I was told to bring clothes to move in and so I am. To prep I did some yoga. Which ended on-time! when the roof alarm went off.

Glad to be alive for living loving work and play. And for THE WORLD CUP!!! Vamo la gente boa!!

Peace <3 p="">