Friday, April 5, 2013

37th Humana Festival of New American Plays Days 23-43

Caaaahhhhhhrazy that I haven't written for so long but seriously it's been nuts. Ok maybe not nuts maybe I just took a breather because it has been nuts and NOW, now we're almost at the end of our time here. Our time ends but I am hopeful this is just the beginning for these plays.

We went to a lovely party yesterday hosted by the exquisite Blakemores. Their estate is palatial and they were more than willing to have designers, press, actors, staff and the privileged-to-be-invited lay person to jaunt about their property imbibing on fine wine and spirits and enjoying yummy snacks all over the main activities of seeing who's who and making connections with the world's Theatre Makers. So exciting!

This is weekend is the final weekend, affectionately called Big Weekend among the die hard Humana Festivalists.  This weekend we have triple the press, administrative, artist guests at the festival here to catch a last glimpse of the hottest new plays before they burn out, to be kindled anew somewhere new--with luck and hard work.  I am feeling nostalgic already, can you tell?
© Gisela Chípe

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