Friday, February 8, 2013

Closing Weekend of BOEING BOEING at the Delaware Theatre Company: Thanks Bud Martin and . . .!

Well it's that time again! I am packing up and having as much fun as I can before I head off to my next adventure.  It's been an incredible experience working with the talented designers Stephanie Hansen (Set), Kim Sorenson (Costumes), Bill Browning (Lighting), and John Stovicek (Sound)--the work of the actor on-stage could not be appreciated if we weren't lit, costumed, and accompanied on a set that doubles as a playground.  I am so grateful!  Thank you Katie Ringwood for being our champion in the rehearsal hall and back-stage--you really are a gem! And I cannot say enough about our fearless leader through the trenches Margie Price who doubles (3x, 4x . . . ) as Mom and Nurse, and oh she's our Stage Manager extraordinaire!

My dear and impossibly funny castmates Sara Bruner, Heidi-Marie Ferren, Sarah Doherty, Jason O'Connell, & Jeffrey Hawkins I will miss most.  They are tireless, courageous, creative and make me laugh hysterically and so often it's like a balm to my soul--I know it's a bit gushy but it's true! And to Steve Tague who directed with clear focus and amazing sense of humor and farce know-how I thank a million times over for giving me this opportunity and for tirelessly playing with this play!

Here are some pictures for your delight--all that color and cheesy grinning!--as I say Happy Travels to all on this closing weekend.  See ya soon!!

all photos are ©®™Gisela Chípe

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