Wednesday, February 27, 2013

37th Humana Festival of New American Plays Days 5, 6, 7

The thing about Humana Fest. that I am finding so far is that as much happens outside of the rehearsal hall as in.

For instance, Mondays are our Dark Day--meaning the artists' are on their day off. The theatre building itself is open and the administrative staff is working their non-traditional 9-5 jobs as some may have to come to events after regular business hours and on weekends! As I was saying, Monday is our day off, our weekend if you will. Monday evening Actors Theatre graciously planned for an artist outing or The Humana Company Kick-Off Party.  This party occurs once all of the casts are in town and working and is a chance for us all to mingle, meet, and have a drink or two.  This year the party was held at Sports and Social Club (S &SC) at Fourth Street Live! conveniently located in the heart of downtown. Something like 100+ people showed in all and had a great time bowling, drinking lovely bourbons, and eating wings, pizza and the occasional veggie. It was really fun to kick back and meet new people and embrace the weirdness.  We all are put in a crazy but fun position each time we work on a new show which is to grow incredibly intimate with perfect strangers. So naturally there will be some weirdness--we don't all talk the same or care about the same things. What we can agree on is that we love what we are doing here, even if it can be described in tortured terms--we're so dramatic! Just kidding we aren't all anything, individuals all, joining in a common purpose--Humana Fest! The night ended with a lovely convo with playwright Will Eno and a not very high bowling score-doh! Must practice.

Tuesday's rehearsal felt short. For some reason when we get into that theatre, the Victor Jory where we are performing our play--so nice to be in the space from day one!--it's like we travel through a worm hole and we are unceremoniously dropped at the end of our rehearsal time always wanting more TIME! It's a good thing to feel as that is not always the case. Yesterday we worked on some top secret spectacle that we are preparing for y'all--should be beautiful.

Tuesday night, after rehearsal, was the Public Kick-off Party for Humana Fest. The public is invited to join the theatre in welcoming the artists and formally opening the Humana Festival. This is the invitation Stephanie Spalding, Audience Development & Special Events Manager, sent us for the event:

Come one; come all to the public Kickoff of the Humana Festival!
All are invited (and your friends too!) to celebrate the Festival with the local community during this super fun, relaxed evening of food and frivolity. This is a FREEcasual event with cash bar and…

-Tastings from 13 local eateries!
-Photo booth courtesy of Magnolia Photo Booth Company
-Live music from Nachbar darlings Squeezebot courtesy of the KY Center for the Performing Arts

Aww man! There's a really great graphic that came along with the invitation--a great mask broken on the floor with what looks like the remains of a party decor. It's a good image because that party was raging. Some of my peeps came out to play: Uncle Phil and Aunti Lynn Miller and my momma Dr. Laura Chipe--locals represent. The band SQUEEZEBOT was making a lovely racket behind the food vendors detailing their offerings to the party. The music was sort of jazzy with some bluegrass in it, I knew the banjo player Mic Sullivan! (formerly of Fire the Saddle and other local bands) It was awesome! And the food was soooo good. Favorite: the lima beans from the Mayan Cafe. Hands down the best! Everything was delicious though so no one went home hungry--if ya did it was your own fault! Here's a photo of our photos courtesy of the lovely Magnolia Photo Booth Company:

Wednesday, no rehearsal sooooooo I've been handling business, took a yoga class, and worked on lines.  All in all a great day. Ciao until tomorrow!

p.s. I almost forgot! Monday morning was the Humana Festival Press Conference where all the playwrights spoke briefly about their plays. Emceed by Artistic Director Les Waters.  For more info on Upcoming events:

Also, Happy First Preview to the opening show of Humana Fest, THE DELLING SHORE! (Opens Friday March 1) ©Gisela Chípe 

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