Thursday, February 21, 2013

37th Humana Festival Day 1


Ok. Ok ok ok ok.


I am committing to writing one paragraph a day describing my Humana Festival experience.

Day 1

I am in a dream. I am walking through this dream and find solid people, sounds, and theaters.

We all gathered together as a company in the Pamela Brown Theater to see the throng of people that make up the 37th Humana Festival of New American Plays. From Playwrights, designers, actors, to apprentices, operations staff and all the departments--marketing, literary, outreach-- everyone stood and was acknowledged with grateful applause and genuine appreciation for the massive effort and astonishing commitment to excellence Actors Theatre and it's staff have to what we are trying to accomplish here--bringing new and exciting plays to light to give them a chance to thrive.  We are actively generating vibrant THEATRE.  This all under the helm of Artistic Director Les Waters, this his inaugural Humana Festival.

 I am very excited--no I have used that word too many times already, I'll find a new one--to be a part of this. I cannot begin to express how much. So I'll try again tomorrow. ©

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