Sunday, October 21, 2012

An Unexpected Pleasure

A moment of the play today turned into THE MOMENT of the play. Let me share it with you.  All throughout the evening, as the story unfolds, we have seen Lizzy and Mr. Darcy struggle through their romantic journey to it's happy conclusion, not without some tension in between.  In our production we have marked that journey's end with a kiss shared between Lizzy and Darcy.  Tonight as the actors went in for the kiss an audience member, a male I might add, said audibly "Thank God!" to which the whole audience responded with laughter and joined the scene by clapping for the lovers.  It is the end of Lizzy and Darcy's story as we show it in this play but it is not the end of the play.  The play concludes with a last letter by Jane Austen that I perform after the dazzling kiss.  Tonight it proved to be a tricky thing to get the audience's attention, as I had already cued the lights to change into "Jane Austen Land" but as they were still enjoying the kiss moment the light change had no effect to draw their eyes to me.  I waited. And when the time seemed right, somewhere between the lulling down of the clapping and silence, I spoke. Being a romantic first and a technician second, I didn't mind the extra beat at all.

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  1. lovely!! it's so nice to have an interactive audience! jane austen really DOES make your mind more alert :) Way to be a pro Gee!!