Sunday, February 12, 2012

YENTL: A music theater experience at the Asolo Repertory Theatre

That's right another opening, another show and it's a classic with a modern twist.  Yentl is a story about a young Jewish girl in the 19th century who has a passion for learning the Torah, but is not permitted to because she is a woman.  So, being the strong, fierce and only supporter of her dreams to study, she moves from home, dresses as a boy and gets into a whole lot of shenanigans.  The music of Jill Sobule shakes the dust off this classic story of Shakespearean proportions and brings the youth and vigor of young minds to the forefront, not to mention hormones.  Come see the show and see me play Hadass, the young Jewish girl Yentl (as a man) marries--I told you she was getting herself into trouble!  It's wonderful.  It's brave.  It's timely.  Check it out for yourself! 

Picture is property of Asolo Repertory Theatre and used with permission.

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