Thursday, April 14, 2011

THE CLEAN HOUSE at Syracuse Stage

I am so excited you guys.  I get to play the part of Matilde in Syracuse Stage's production of The Clean House this Spring!  Matilde is Brazilian maid--I know perfect, right? (did you know I was born in Brazil?)--who comes to clean for a North American couple after the death of her parents.  A student of comedy, she searches for the Perfect Joke, but is sad and thus not funny because: she does not like to clean.   A beautiful play by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Michael Barakiva--this play will move you.  For more info go to Come and show some love!  Show dates as follows:


May 47:30 PM
May 57:30 PM
May 68:00 PM
May 73:00 PM|8:00 PM
May 82:00 PM
May 117:30 PM
May 127:30 PM
May 138:00 PM
May 143:00 PM|8:00 PM
May 152:00 PM|7:00 PM
May 177:30 PM
May 182:00 PM|7:30 PM
May 197:30 PM
May 208:00 PM
May 213:00 PM|8:00 PM
May 222:00 PM

Friday, April 8, 2011

UPCOMING: Commercial Spots!

Yes pretty soon you'll be seeing this face appearing in not just one but two commercial spots this Spring.  My Kraft Mayo with Olive Oil and Walmart: The Easter edition commercials are airing currently on the Food Network. While enjoying some Barefoot Contessa, enjoy some Chípe!